MarvinLeverage (TBA)

MarvinLeverage is one of a key product in our lineup, focusing on perpetual swaps.

What is Perpetual or Future Trading?

In perpetual or futures trading, users can take positions on margin, leveraging borrowed funds to optimize their capital. Leverage enables users to enter positions with a larger size than their actual account balance. For instance, a user might employ 10x leverage and trade 1000000 $MARVIN for the price of 100000 $MARVIN. In this scenario, the initial margin would be 100000 $MARVIN, which serves as collateral for the leveraged position.

Beyond just leverage, futures trading opens up opportunities to trade in both long and short positions on perpetuals. Moreover, it allows MarvinSwap to broaden its range of tradable assets, including those not currently available on Solana Chain or other supported chains. Perpetual contracts, being non-expiring, enable holders to participate in the price movements of the underlying asset without actual ownership.


In case of a profitable trade, there's a 5% fee applied to the principal or collateral. This fee is already included in the ROI calculation.

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