Reward Vesting

A 30-Day Journey with Early Exit

Upon earning, $MARVIN rewards undergo a 30-day linear vesting process. They are not immediately accessible; users must start the vesting by claiming within a 7-day window. Unclaimed rewards after this period will be lost. As vesting starts, rewards unlock gradually, ensuring users receive a steady inflow over a month.

For users needing quick liquidity, we offers an early exit from the vesting schedule. However, this convenience comes with early exit penalties ranging from 15% to 90%. The earlier the exit, the higher the penalty.

However, there's an alternative for those seeking flexibility. Users can pair rewards with USDC or USDT and lock them into LP for at least 2 weeks, enabling an early exit with minimal penalties. This approach encourages liquidity and ongoing platform involvement.

We are firm believers in providing long-term incentives coupled with flexible options. By doing so, we are establishing a platform that is well-positioned for continuous growth and sustainability within the competitive DeFi landscape. These modifications assure users of a more engaging, rewarding, and transparent experience, thereby strengthening our standing in the DeFi sector.

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