NFT Market Place


NFTs represent exclusive digital assets whose ownership is managed through a blockchain ledger. The NFT market has experienced significant growth in the past year (2020-2021), garnering attention with high-profile sales like the $69 million NFT artwork by digital artist Beeple. Quarter one of 2021 alone saw over $2 billion spent on NFTs. Athlete NFTs have emerged as a lucrative industry, allowing sports fans to immortalize memorable moments and engage directly with their favorite athletes.

In contrast to physical sports memorabilia that can be counterfeited, Blockasset collectible NFTs are all officially authenticated and securely minted on the blockchain. This ensures the tracking and verification of ownership and authenticity of the underlying asset.

Our NFT marketplace will be integrated with Magic Eden, Solana's premier NFT marketplace, ensuring optimal liquidity for trading NFTs. The marketplace will offer filters, sorting options, and price history based on NFT traits and rarities.

Additionally, users will have the convenience of purchasing NFTs using Credit/Debit cards.

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